National Compliance Regulatory Authority Of South Africa

National Compliance Regulatory Authority Of South Africa (NCRASA) is a web standards and best practices consortium that serves to validate the authenticity and best practice operations of websites targeted at consumers in South Africa.

Compliance Processes

  • Ownership compliance
  • Legislative compliance
  • International web standards compliance
  • Cyber security compliance
  • Personally identifiable information handling compliance

These audits establish best practice handling across a broad spectrum of local and international internet operations and are invaluable to any organisation diligently operating a public facing website in South Africa.



NCRASA Members prescribe to a code of conduct in the operation of their web infrastructure and public messaging platforms that establishes transactional trust, authenticity of offering and best ecommerce practice for consumers listed in South Africa and abroad.

Audit processes are undertaken periodically by our 3rd party and impartial service on behalf of web-owners to ensure that their public facing websites are secure, and operated with integrity and hardened in respect to cyber security breeches thus protecting consumer information and privacy.


Is Your Web Site Certified?

Check the NCRASA Online Database


Please Note : All certification processes are undertaken by NCRASA on behalf of the applicant only after we have received full payment for the processes to be undertaken. Depending on the backlog of tasks, certification can take anywhere from one week to one month to complete. To get your website certification process started please click here. Certificates are valid for a period of 12 months following the date of issue. This does not mitigate all risk given the nature of evolving web. Website compliance audits be ordered as a monthly or bi-monthly process, depending on the nature and scale of the business change to web site content or publicly available access to data infrastructures.

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