Executive Summary

National Compliance Regulatory Authority South Africa is a website standards compliance regulator operating in the small to medium enterprise sector of South Africa. Our directive includes the stimulation of free trade over the internet in South Africa regulating market entry points, streamlining statutory requirements and validating operational authenticity. The committee operates nationally and incorporates a number of key compliance schedules vetted by the NCRASA within a certified due diligence process.

The Certification Process and Qualification Criteria

Most legitimate companies in South Africa operating a consumer facing website will find that they by already meet many of the minimum standards required for NCRASA certification. NCRASA audit process simplifies compliance by completing an consolidated, independent audit and advising on outstanding issues.

Compliance Audit Timeline and Costs

Compliance audits are undertaken only after full and complete payment has been received by NCRASA. The audit can ONLY be issued via the NCRASA online ticket system for the total cost of R650.00 (South African Rand) made by bank transfer to

  • NCRASA :
  • Bank: Standard Bank Rosebank
  • Branch code: 004305
  • IBAN: Look Up IBAN


Digital Certification Certificate

Physical Certification Certificate

Do I HAVE to Certify My Company Website?

The short answer is NO. Certification is at this stage a voluntary process and web-owners are under no obligation to seek the accreditation through NCRASA. Accreditation simply establishes that a 3rd Party authority has evaluated the organisation in respect to local and international best practice standards, legislation and guidelines and endorsed your website as a trusted source for South African consumers to commercially engage.

NCRASA Certification

NCRASA certifications are issued to organisations based on points achieved in the minimum standards met by the applicant for a 12 month period. Thereafter applicats are encouraged to re-submit annual updates and alterations for licence re-certification for the next period.

Small to medium enterprise operators seeking validation will be issued with supporting online documentation from NCRASA to substantiate their adherence to qualifying criteria and will forego the need to  formulate legislative documentation to outline their various compliances.

NCRASA is a non-profit organisation formed in the interests of small to medium enterprise growth, job creation and sustainable and stimulated enterprise growth in South Africa. All material distributed via this website is on an as is basis.

NCRASA plays a fundamental role in helping small to medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to meet these compliance requirements.

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