Website Compliance Audit


Audit your company website online and achieve a full National Compliance Regulatory Authority certification.

Why is E-commerce Compliance Important ?
NCRSA compliance demonstrates to consumers that your website is the front end to a legitimate business operating a 3rd party checked and validated website in South Africa.

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Displaying the NCRASA logo and a valid digital compliance certificate ensures that necessary precautions have been taken in the protection of consumer / customer information, transactions and interactions in the format of our independent endorsement policy.

The audit process is simple for any South African company to complete. Simply register an online account with NCRASA submit your website and company information and we will take care of the rest.

See more details of the process below.

Meet a broad range of local and international electronic trade guidelines, legislation and best practices in one simple process. NCRASA compliance audit will identify problematic areas of your websites e-commerce compliance and provide the solutions to ensure your website adequately protects the interests of local and international visitors.

Please note that compliance is not automatic and there are a number of organisations that we need to engage to finalise certificate registration.

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