This Page Certifies that Has Passed Compliance Audit

Consumer Protection

Safe for South African consumers to transact with this website.

Local Legislation Compliance

Website in compliance to South African and International trade legislation.

Cyber security

Site compliant for cyber security and information protection best practice.

Compliance Tests Performed on

Ownership Compliance

Site ownership verification and resident entity disclosure.

Customer Secured Transactions

Encrypted transactions and/or compliant checkout / transaction mechanisms.

Local Legislation Compliant

Compliant to local acts and legislative requirements enforced or best-practice.

Consumer Support

Adequate customer product or support services available.

Data Protection

Protected policy for customer data warehousing and transaction logging.

Privacy Policy Compliance

This website has a completed privacy policy statement.

Internet Communications

Internet messaging platform and communications diligence compliance.

Copyright Statement

Original content statements and DMCA adherence assessment.

Audience Accessibility

Available and accessible to all audiences.

EU Cookie Law Compliance

Cookie statement and policy.

Advertising Standards

Advertising standards best practice.

Email Communications

Compliance in the operation of email infrastructure and communications.

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